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Stephen Crawshaw Dental Equipment Repairs

Stephen worked in the dental equipment repairs industry for over 20 years when he decided to go it alone.

Customer Concept

He came to me with a concept of two gears working together, one small and one large with his name written in the large gear. I worked with this concept as a starting point and developed it into the final product.

Stephen Crawshaw Logo -


The concept of the gears followed on to form the small and large white circles, the edges just touching to represent precision with the most simple solution. The two large orange circles, one inside the other are the embodiment of a cross section of hydraulic cylinders found in dentist chairs.

Stephen Crawshaw Logo Precision -

Font Hierarchy 

As Stephen had already built a reputation for quality service and workmanship, his name became the main focus of the text. The font used is clean, modern and precise. His job title is smaller and in lower case as to not distract from the main selling point of his business.  

Stephen Crawshaw Logo Font Hierarchy -


The orange used is reminiscent of the orange hue that you see in a dentists' light. The two shades are next to each other without separation to again reinforce the concept of precision. The dark grey font compliments the orange and both colours together have a calming feel - even dentists need the reassurance of knowing their equipment won't fail them.

Stephen Crawshaw Logo Business Cards -
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