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Little Rainbows Nursery

Little Rainbows is a successful nursery that needed a rebrand when it grew into new, larger premises catering for many more children and employing an expanded workforce.

No Rainbow

When doing my research I noticed almost all companies with 'rainbow' in their name used the arch in their logo. To differentiate Little Rainbows Nursery from other 'rainbow' businesses, and to represent their professionalism, the rainbow colours were used in a new and interesting way without incorporating the clichéd arch.

Little Rainbows Nursery Logo -

Seven shapes

Each of the seven shapes represents one of the seven early learning goals (of the time).

Each shape has a solid flat colour overlaid with a hand drawn version; this is to signify an adult in the background helping a child to reach their goals with freedom of expression.

Little Rainbows Nursery Logo Seven Shapes -


The main font is bespoke, hand drawn over a solid font, giving a sense of a child's creativity whilst still remaining professional and legible. The sub-font in caps shows the dependability of the business, clearly saying what it does and how a parent can trust Little Rainbows to keep their child safe.

Prospectus and Signage

I also designed Little Rainbows prospectus and signage.

Little Rainbows Nursery Logo Font Hierarchy -
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