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1. The Design Brief

The first step for every project, is to have a chat about the design brief. This is where we establish the design requirements, timescale and budget. If you have one that's great, but if you don't it's no problem, I will help you. Together we will find the perfect solution.

2. Research

Research is the building blocks of the project defining the direction it will take. I will look into main competitors, target audience/sector, aesthetics, where the design is to be used and create a mood board which will show inspiration and broad concept ideas. 

3. Initial Designs

Using your feedback from the research, I will let those creative juices flow and draw together up to 3 different designs for you to see. For each design I will talk you through the thought process behind that design. These will be presented in colour, black and white and with mock-ups to help you visualise them giving you a feel for their real world applications.

4. Refine

Once you have chosen your favourite design, we will then work together and refine it until it is absolutely perfect for your needs.

5. Delivery

Once the final designs are approved by yourself, the work files will be sent to you in all the agreed file formats. You will receive a brand guidelines document to ensure your brand is consistent in the future.


After the initial brief, I will draw up a proposal with the agreed fee and time scale. If you accept, then I always ask my clients to sign a design agreement. This helps the design journey run smoothy for all parties.

I usually ask for 50% payment up front (an industry standard with designers) then the research phase will begin. Once the final design(s) have been signed off by yourself then I will ask for the remaining 50% and the design work files will be delivered to you.

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