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Fearnville Primary School

Fearnville as a Primary School were looking to the future, and as such wanted to match the school's identity to their ambitions.


The two main colours, purple and green, represent the school (and it's staff) and the pupils respectively. Green was chosen as a symbol of nature and growth, purple was the school's favourite colour.

Fearnville Logo Maths Book Cover -

Golden Ratio

The golden ratio has been used by architects and artists for millennia and is a naturally occurring shape that appears in furled ferns. In this logo the spiral is clockwise and represents the guiding path through the years which the school provides for the children. It is also a symbol of mathematics, precision and learning.

Fearnville Logo Golden Ratio -


The four groups of two leaves represent the four key stages (Early years, KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2) and the two classes in each stage. The leaves follow the spiral from the centre until they are fully grown at the end, fully prepared to move onto high school. The section where the two leaves overlap is the full tint of the green representing the pupil's potential; each leaf's tint increases until the pupil has met their potential in year 6.

Fearnville Logo Leaves -


One of the school's main philosophies is making sure the children are safe. A font with rounded edges was used to represent the removal of sharp edges, danger, and promote safety. 

Also, the 'a' was also altered to be more like how a pupil would write it and 'Fearnville' was enlarged with 'primary school' reduced in the hierarchy of text.


The shapes and colours of the logo were carried through in all of Fearnville's rebranding which included signage and window coverings.

Fearnville Logo Font Hierarchy -
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